Why Vehicle Data through GPS Is Important In the Post Covid Era

The past year has posed several challenges to businesses worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several business owners are using GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking to optimize the deployment of their valuable assets such as personnel and vehicles. This includes the use of GPS tracking software in Kuwait.

Since the start of the global pandemic, Geotab has been used to record and report on data sets for aiding transport fleets to understand the present landscape better. Currently, on the road to recovery, it is vital for businesses to take stock of how the commercial transport sector is faring as compared to their own progress. When industry trends are reviewed besides data of personal vehicles, fleets can make actionable decisions to move forward.

The tracking device helps to record the accurate location and area of the business vehicles and equipment. This satellite-enabled tracking can also help find such vehicles that have lost their direction while plying.

Slow increase

Geotab reports show that keeping the baseline of February 2020, there is a slow rise in commercial transport activity, compared to the lowest dips in April 2020, corresponding to the peak of Covid-19. This is seen especially in Australia, UK, US, and Canada. While there is an occurrence of a rise and dip effect, many experts take heart to the fact that dip does not endure for a long while rises are increasing in a gradual fashion.

With regard to the future, experts believe that when there will be re-opening of businesses, their operations will impact the transport sector a great deal. It is predicted that with more re-opening of businesses and more demand for supplies, stock, and inventory, there will be more demand for vehicles.

The activity of industrial vehicles

Though Geotab indicates positive signs about the rise in vehicular traffic, one must take note that this is not applicable to all industries. From February 2020, there are several industries where there has not been the recovery of vehicular traffic as much as in North America. Such industries include business services, health care services, and non-freight transport.

Many experts attribute this lack of recovery to the lack of re-opening of several businesses and their inability to re-open to total productivity. A very clear example is the public transport sector, which has experienced a continuous fall in activity because of social distancing and work from home arrangements.

Some of the industries with upward trends in transport include government, construction, transport, freight, telecom and retail. This slow rise in activity is because of the re-opening of such businesses that could no longer afford to stay shut and were approved by governments to resume operations.

For instance, as regards the construction industry, the longer there was a pause in work, the longer was the delays for completion of construction. With regard to development projects like condo construction, several companies could not afford financially to postpone construction because of the contractual and financial commitment to home buyers.

Increase in fuel fill-up

The vehicle data gathered by Geotab in North America indicates that fuel fill-ups of different big sized vehicles are rising. As per Geotab data, there was a notable increase in the use of MDT (Medium Duty Trucks) and LDT (Light Duty Trucks), since the end of April 2020. But because of social distancing norms, public transport manifested low fuel fill up.

Meaning of vehicle data

GPS Tracking: – Global Positioning System can catch signals from satellites to the mobile or another device in which the GPS facility is incorporated. The data includesthe location, speed, and driving behaviour of the driver.

With the availability of all such information, businesses need to use it for their welfare. Kuwaiti businesses can gather their very own telematics data through a GPS tracking system in Kuwait. By making use of telematics solutions, companies are able to review their current operations and observe whether their organizations are on par with trends in their industry.

In sum, when businesses touch the point where they have enough data about the performance of their fleet of vehicles, it can be compared to industry trends found by Geotab and accordingly adjust their operations.

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