Oil And Gas Business

The Oil & Gas fleets require extra caution and protection as they carry petroleum products: oil and gas, which are dangerous and riskier as compared to other fleets. GPS devices make it easy for managers to track the locations and behaviors of drivers which helps enforce safety standards.

Delivery Vehicles

Nowadays, the demand for delivery services has increased exponentially as people prefer goods delivered to their door for convenience. GPS tracking can help monitor safe conveyance of items to their destinations and increase customer satisfaction.

Mining Operations

Digitize your mining operations with GPS Tracking and Fleet Management. Keep drivers safe and maximize asset productivity even on large, isolated locations. Improve operational efficiency to cut down on fuel usage and additional costs.


Ensure a steady flow of the operations in your business by managing fleet drivers and their safety within one platform. Irresponsible and unmonitored driving might result in crashes, injuries, or costly lawsuits. Solve these challenges by employing a Driver Management System based on Video Telematics for driver tracking and instruction.