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Construction Management with GPS tracking is a valuable tool as it helps in dispatching drivers to jobs, tracking vehicle usage at worksite as well as after hours. Monitoring workers and vehicles in real time helps your company function more effectively and productively.

Concrete Mixer

Fueling and maintaining high-powered, heavy vehicles and equipment can be quite costly. GPS tracking for concrete trucks is designed to help you maintain your vehicles and equipment in optimal working condition which can save you money, reduce risk, and decrease unexpected downtime.


Nowadays, the demand for delivery services has increased exponentially as people prefer goods delivered to their door for convenience. GPS tracking can help monitor safe conveyance of items to their destinations and increase customer satisfaction.

Delivery Fleet Management

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using GPSMEA’s vehicle tracking and management solutions. Minimize fleet downtime, improve on-road productivity, and enhance driver safety—with GPSMEA’s fleet management solutions.

LBS Solution

Businesses like construction and mining function in remote, connectivity deficit areas. Lack of accurate tracking becomes a cause of several concerns, like the safety of equipment, workforce productivity monitoring, or theft of goods in transit. To overcome these challenges, GPSMEA provides location-based tracking services that help such businesses track even in areas of low connectivity.