Consignment trucking

Our platform is actively being used by airport authorities to manage and transfer cargo to local delivery hubs. We can help them gain control over both predictable and unexpected challenges.

Delivery Vehicles

Deliver goods quickly, safely, and reliably using GPSMEA’s vehicle tracking and management solutions. Minimize fleet downtime, improve on-road productivity, and enhance driver safety—with GPSMEA’s fleet management solutions.


GPS tracking is an effective solution to keep track of your vehicles and drivers. Increase the transparency between you and your customer with real-time location updates. With the help of GPS tracking data, spend less time on route planning that saves a large amount of time and money.


Businesses that employ commercial vehicles in North America and Canada are mandated to report fuel usage when operating in more than one jurisdiction. It is quite understandable that keeping track of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, gas receipts, or jurisdiction traveled gets vastly complicated even for small business owners.

Delivery Vehicles

Nowadays, the demand for delivery services has increased exponentially as people prefer goods delivered to their door for convenience. GPS tracking can help monitor safe conveyance of items to their destinations and increase customer satisfaction.