Track and Control Vessel Activity

Identifying and tracking fishing vessels is important in order to improve the safety of life at sea as well as of ships. Vessel Monitoring System continuously transmits information about the vessel including its identity, position, course, and speed to enhance safety and operation.  

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • Vessel Tracking not only regulates efficient functioning but also makes drivers more responsible because they are aware of being monitored all the time.

  • It helps to contact base stations at a time of potential infringements or tampering, provides distress call functionality for emergency conditions.

  • In case of accidents, such as people off-board, it becomes easier to detect the exact location and dispatch the recue team on time.

  • Provides Geofence and Boundary alerts for the Coastal Guards, Drivers & Boat owners.

  • Route optimization helps to stay on designated course and avoid collisions.


Video Telematics combined with GPS Tracking collects all the major data-points like crop status, weather predictions, environmental changes, and so on. It also allows to control fields as separate areas rather than as a single block.


Long-range connectivity ships and coast guards as well as among ships.

Instant Alerts

Easily detect oil spills, ship collisions, “man overboard” situations, etc.

24x7 Monitoring

Maintain round-the-clock vessel visibility and security.

Fuel Management

Track fuel consumption and also get notified in case of tampering.