Manage Your EV Fleet

With zero emissions, fuel economy and lower operating expenses electric vehicles are ideal for daily use. However, due to these features it might attract attention of people with bad intentions. GPS Tracking will avoid keyless vehicle stealing as well as monitor a vehicle’s health.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • On Demand Service business owners can track their e-bikes and drivers using the GPS Tracker.

  • Drivers can view the routing information for easy and optimized commute which will increase battery life.

  • Prevent, detect, and recover theft with geofencing and alerting capabilities.

  • On-board diagnostics (OBD) with notifications for scheduled truck maintenance reduces the downtime.


GPS tracking for electric vehicles is a good solution for EV issues like optimizing battery usage, vehicle maintenance, theft protection, etc. all managed from a single screen.

Optimized Routes

Determine the most effective route while avoiding traffic and road blockages.

Timely Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces downtime.

Theft Recovery

Quickly locate and recover stolen vehicles by real-time tracking.

Ensure Vehicle Uptime

Increase battery life with advanced route optimization.