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Passenger Transport

School bus Management

A centralized GPS for school buses provide an opportunity to keep an eye on the entire fleet that is in operation. A school bus tracking app on the mobile devices of the parents and school administration team gives constant updates on the whereabouts of the vehicle.

Employee Transport

Ensure the safe travel of employees to and from office. Receive automated alerts in case of unsafe driving or if the vehicle deviates from its regular route.

Electric Vehicles

With zero emissions, fuel economy and lower operating expenses electric vehicles are ideal for daily use. However, due to these features it might attract attention of people with bad intentions. GPS Tracking will avoid keyless vehicle stealing as well as monitor a vehicle’s health.

Rental Fleets

Vehicle Tracking makes it easy to locate your assets, providing the exact location, history, tow alert, and starter disable. With a click of a button, view all your rental vehicles on a single map.

Driver Management System

Ensure a steady flow of the operations in your business by managing fleet drivers and their safety within one platform. Irresponsible and unmonitored driving might result in crashes, injuries, or costly lawsuits. Solve these challenges by employing a Driver Management System based on Video Telematics for driver tracking and instruction.