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GPS Tracking for Healthcare Vehicles and Equipment

Medical and healthcare fields need to use every minute to their advantage in order to stay effective and efficient. GPS Tracking helps pinpointing vehicle locations to determine which Emergency Medical Service team is closest to an emergency call and providing real-time directions to ambulance drivers so they can take quick routes while avoiding heavy traffic and accidents.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • GPS Tracking System allows real-time monitoring of every EMS vehicle in your fleet.

  • In case of emergency, assign an EMS which is nearest to the location of emergency.

  • The GPS Tracking System can assist to determine the shortest or the most efficient route to reach the destination.

  • The hospital can be prepared with required equipment or medicines by determining the accurate time required for EMS to reach the hospital.

  • On-board diagnostics (OBD) with notifications for scheduled maintenance reduces the downtime.


GPS Tracking System will track and trace healthcare vehicles to facilitate monitoring patients and taking care of their health. The hospital can get real-time update on patient’s condition and be prepared before their arrival.

Cold Chain Solution

A reliable mechanism to maintain the integrity of drugs, medicines, and speciality treatments.

Optimized Routes

Determine the most effective route to reach the patient on time. 

Timely Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces downtime.

Fuel Management

Avoid fuel theft and find the best routes which can lower the consumption of fuel.