Safety and Accountability

A centralized GPS for school buses provide an opportunity to keep an eye on the entire fleet that is in operation. A school bus tracking app on the mobile devices of the parents and school administration team gives constant updates on the whereabouts of the vehicle.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • GPS Tracking System ensures that the drivers are following the preset route picking up students from each and every designated stoppage on the way.

  • Get instant alerts if the driver is over speeding, taking a detour, harsh braking, unnecessary idling, etc.

  • Set geofences on arrival and departure from school as well as every stop along the way. This will keep the school and parents updated on the exact location of the bus.

  • Enables parents to reach the pickup point at the exact time when the bus is nearby.


Investing in a School Bus GPS Tracking System helps schools to not only avoid many accidents, but also ensure safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation, and optimization.

Improved Child Security

360-degree visibility in and around entire school bus fleet ensuring safe driving.

Timely Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces downtime.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor driving behavior and exact location of the vehicle in real-time.

Unsafe Driving Alerts

Monitor driving behavior and accordingly provide guidance to the driver.