GPS Tracking for Healthcare Vehicles and Equipment

Track and monitor critical equipment, machinery, and other hospital assets with smart and efficient GPS Tracking and Video Telematics Solutions. It helps to reduce damage and theft while increasing accuracy of inventory reporting and efficiency of staff.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • Healthcare Equipment Management provides full visibility of inventory and assets, providing real-time location tracking to actively manage equipment utilization and reduce downtime.

  • Schedule maintenance alerts based on hospital equipment usage to reduce repair costs and equipment downtime.

  • Determine the most effective route from a starting point to a single or many destinations to reach patient on-time.

  • Prevent, detect, and recover theft with geofencing and alerting capabilities.


Medical equipment are a valuable asset of hospitals and clinics and require constant monitoring and maintenance to them up and running. Healthcare GPS tracking devices can help ensure that companies get to make the most of those investment.

Cold Chain Solution

A reliable mechanism to maintain the integrity of drugs, medicines, and speciality treatments.

Optimized Routes

Determine the most effective route to reach the patient on time in case of emergencies.

Timely Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces downtime.

Fuel Management

Avoid fuel theft and find the best routes which can lower the consumption of fuel.