Maintain Quality and Freshness

Given its highly perishable nature, dairy offers a high safety risk. The cargo must be kept at an adequate and consistent temperature throughout the delivery procedure to maintain quality and freshness. If these conditions are not met, fruits, vegetables & dairy products can degrade quickly, highly costing the business.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • GPS Tracking System can assist in determining the shortest or the most efficient route to reach the destination to accelerate dairy distribution.

  • From farms to store shelves, Cold Chain Solution helps to keep the dairy products at an adequate temperature to maintain quality and freshness.

  • Get instant alerts if the cargo deviates from designated route, the doors are opened and closed frequently which can cause spoilage.

  • On-board diagnostics (OBD) with notifications for scheduled maintenance reduces the downtime.

  • Prevent, detect, and recover theft with geofencing and alerting capabilities.


Solutions such as route optimization, driver behavior monitoring, and temperature sensors can meet the growing demand for high-quality dairy products.

Customer Satisfaction

Telematics plays a vital role in maintaining quality of the products, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cold Chain Solution

Dairy products are kept at an adequate and consistent temperature throughout their journey.

Optimized Routes

Determine the most effective route to reach the patient on time.

Fuel Management

Avoid fuel theft and find the best routes which can lower the consumption of fuel.