GPS Tracking for Healthcare Vehicles and Equipment

The GPS tracking system helps you track the fleet carrying essential medicines or equipment to prevent their misuse, theft and monitor various other aspects such as their temperature and safety.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • GPS Tracking System allows real-time monitoring of every vehicle in your fleet and tells you where your delivery vehicles are located through frequent updates and alerts.

  • The GPS Tracking System can assist to determine the shortest or the most efficient route to reach the destination.

  • On-board diagnostics (OBD) with notifications for scheduled maintenance reduces the downtime.

  • Prevent, detect, and recover theft with geofencing and alerting capabilities.


GPS Tracking is a smart, easy-to-use solution for increasing your pharmacy’s efficiency and customer relationships and deliver crucial medications in a timely manner. With the use of Video Telematics, you can speed up everyday operations and ensure the authorized use of your vehicles.

Cold Chain Solution

A reliable mechanism to maintain the integrity of drugs, medicines, and speciality treatments.

Reduced Risk of Theft

Get instant alert if your vehicle deviates from designated route.

Timely Maintenance

Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces downtime.

Fuel Management

Avoid fuel theft and find the best routes which can lower the consumption of fuel.