GPS Tracking for Farming and Agriculture

Precision farming can be achieved with the help of GPS technology. Become more productive and efficient in your farming activities like farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting, yield mapping, and more.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • Keep track of costly farm vehicles and equipment 24x7. This prevents theft and requires less manual supervision.

  • Geofencing lets you know the exact position of your farming vehicles and equipment and alerts you if they enter or exit the farm. If anything is stolen, authorities will be able to follow the GPS tracking.

  • Schedule maintenance alerts based on equipment usage to reduce repair costs and equipment downtime.

  • Accurate field navigation helps to skip already attended fields. This minimizes fuel consumption and wear and tear on your vehicles and enables maximum ground coverage in the shortest possible time.

  • Ability to work through low visibility field conditions such as rain, dust, fog, and darkness increases productivity.


Video Telematics combined with GPS Tracking collects all the major data-points like crop status, weather predictions, environmental changes, and so on. It also allows to control fields as separate areas rather than as a single block.


GPS in agriculture helps in determining which areas of a farm are ready for harvesting.

Saves assets from theft

Receive real time alerts with the help of geofencing.

Increase Equipment Life

On-board diagnostics (OBD) with notifications for scheduled maintenance reduces the downtime.

Fuel Management

Avoid fuel theft and find the best routes which can lower the consumption of fuel.