Temperature sensitive beverages pose the risk of getting spoilt unless they have been stored in adequate temperature till it reaches the customer. Cold Chain and Telematics technology helps you transport loads securely and on schedule, achieving customer satisfaction and making them return for more.

How it works

Here’s why our solutions stand out from the rest

  • Around-the-clock temperature monitoring and automated alarms allow for quick, corrective action when issues with a load are detected; helping prevent cargo spoilage.

  • Maintain constant contact with drivers and visibility of assets, keeping fleets connected in areas where the cellular network is unreliable, unavailable, or compromised by severe weather.

  • Use sophisticated monitoring systems that connect directly to refrigeration units and handle the functions remotely, so your driver doesn’t have to.

  • Get notified of sudden temperature fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, unscheduled stops, unauthorised door openings and more.


Monitor and control the journey of temperature-sensitive products in refrigerated trailers, containers, and other assets to maintain quality and extend their shelf-life.

Temperature Control

Advanced temperature reporting, real-time alerts, and remote storage control.

Fuel Analytics

Save money on fuel by optimizing storage operation, detecting theft, and validating fuel purchases.

Smart Geofences

Receive automated departure and arrival notifications.

Reduced Costs

Cold Chain logistics can help to reduce spoilage and wastage which leads to cost savings and increased profits.