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Fresh produce & Dairy Distribution

Given its highly perishable nature, dairy offers a high safety risk. The cargo must be kept at an adequate and consistent temperature throughout the delivery procedure to maintain quality and freshness. If these conditions are not met, fruits, vegetables & dairy products can degrade quickly, highly costing the business.

Agricultural Operations

Precision farming can be achieved with the help of GPS technology. Become more productive and efficient in your farming activities like farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting, yield mapping, and more.

Tracking Trees

Illegal chopping and consequent theft of expensive trees like teak, sandalwood, agar, or ebony have been an age-old concern for farmers and tree cultivators. They suffer through unthinkable losses because of theft and robbery. That’s why we’ve got just the solution to prevent tree theft!

PTO and RMP Hours

Verticals like construction, coal, and mining, or agriculture make use of equipment appended to their vehicles. For example, a jackhammer, a wood chipper, or a harvester may be run using PTO. They use energy off a vehicle’s engine. Thus, the work hours can be measured by monitoring its PTO.