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Emergency & Security

Police Patrol Van

For police staff, danger always lurks around the corner. With a well-functioning GPS System installed in the patrolling car, keep track of your fleet and its location in real-time. This helps to cut down on the response time by dispatching help and making decisions fast in case of emergencies.

Ambulance Service

In the interest of public health and welfare, the government of India warrants transportation services to pregnant women. This free-of-cost service has benefitted women all across India, getting them to hospitals in good time!

Police Petrol Van

Police patrollers are not only expected to patrol round the clock but also keep tabs on street crimes. Hence, knowing the patrol vehicle’s status in real-time is essential. The Police department needs to know the routes taken by patrol vehicles. Notifications for emergencies like vehicle breakdown need to be set. For all this, GPSMEA’s software services can be deployed.

Emergency fleets

Since there is no time to lose, and every minute counts—our solutions help ambulances function at maximum capacities. We bring down response times and get ambulances to emergency sites instantly. So patients get to the hospitals for treatment in good time!

Water Tankers

Water is a scarce resource in many parts of the world. The water is sent from central locations to rural areas experiencing water shortages. It might happen that the water does not reach the destination at all and if it does the water quantity is less than dispensed due to spillage or theft. Tankers equipped with GPS Tracking systems are able to tackle these issues with real-time monitoring systems and Video Telematics.

Ambulance Services

It is important for ambulance to reach their destinations as quickly as possible as every second counts in a medical emergency. Assigning the nearest ambulance ensures prompt Emergency Medical Services and allows for timely patient transport.

Emergency Fleets

Medical and healthcare fields need to use every minute to their advantage in order to stay effective and efficient. GPS Tracking helps pinpointing vehicle locations to determine which Emergency Medical Service team is closest to an emergency call and providing real-time directions to ambulance drivers so they can take quick routes while avoiding heavy traffic and accidents.