Why Is It Essential to Use A GPS-Enabled Tracking System for Sand Mining?

The mining industry is currently facing challenges due to a lack of accountability in operations, logistics, illegal transportation, and environmental restrictions. These flaws allow for restricted zone mining, pilferage during shipping, and a variety of other violations.

So, this is the reason many sand mining companies may use GPS vehicle tracking systems in Kuwait to map the real-time location of vehicles engaged in sand mining activities. To help work out the above loopholes, a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking device is used to detect and track sand mining vehicles, which provides accountability and reliability to sand mining company owners.

Vehicle monitoring systems assist company administrators in explaining to their drivers why the technology is being proposed, how it operates, and the opportunities it can provide, among other things. This has a significant effect on the workforce and assists companies in preventing fraud, illegal use, unauthorized zone access, and speeding.


The ability to track and monitor equipment is an important benefit of fleet GPS that many people are unaware of. It is not necessary for a piece of equipment to be mobile to be tracked. You can use GPS monitoring to keep track of engines, mixers, trucks, and other equipment you would like to keep an eye on.

Your GPS monitoring device will inform you where each piece of equipment is at all times, allowing you to quickly reassign it if needed and get notifications as it is transferred. You can also keep track of its activities by setting up event warnings and records. This will allow you to keep an eye on activities from afar and better plan maintenance. If you are looking for a fleet GPS solution for a mining operation, consult with the experts to find the best fit.

Almost all the sand mining companies use this vehicle tracking software in Kuwait. Here are some of the advantages of using the GPS tracking system:


With warnings and reports from the GPS vehicle tracking system, it helps you track driver behaviour; you can enforce safety belt laws, discourage speeding, and reduce heavy braking and quick acceleration.


Less wear and tear on the vehicles and infrastructure is caused by gentler driving and improved driver behaviour. To keep your vehicles running smoothly, set maintenance reminders depending on miles or engine hours. Employees are protected by instant warning systems, which enable employees in the field to request assistance via GPS even though they are not in the vehicle.


To save money on petrol, keep an eye on needless idling and illegal vehicle usage. Make use of the route optimization functionality to ensure that vehicles take the most suitable routes between sites. Reduce costs by using corporate gasoline cards and using monitoring tools to verify that workers are properly using them.


Two-way driver collaboration tools make it simple to communicate new tasks or shifts of the path to field personnel.

So, it is always necessary to use a GPS tracking system, especially when sand mining.

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