Next Level Telematic Services Provided by Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Owing to the globalization of every industry in this world, new businesses are emerging, and for ongoing industries, new challenges are rising. So, to compete in this modern world, more and more companies are running towards technology. Because customers are expecting effluent and quick services at reasonable rates; therefore, for the company’s stability and for creating a loyal customer base, it is essential to lower down expenditure and raise productivity. For the transportation industry, GPS tracking software has paved the way to survive and grow by lessening the pressure of insecurity regarding its automobiles and drivers by feeding managers with real-time data of fleets.

Range of telematics services provided by GPS software:


GPS Tracking: – Global Positioning System can catch signals from satellites to the mobile or another device in which the GPS facility is incorporated. The data includesthe location, speed, and driving behaviour of the driver.

Vehicle GPS tracking system in Kuwait helps the manager to improve the driving habits of the driver by monitoring the speed limit, idle time, unauthorized practices.

Onboard ECM facility is also available, which is connected directly to the vehicle’s ECM, giving accurate mileage in real-time.

Convenient Management: – Software is installed in the phones of all vehicle drivers and managers. The dashboard of the application is the window to all movements of all fleets in a single glance.

Working on the software and its associated results are similar to that of google maps. If the manager wants to know about a particular vehicle or person’s activities, all he has to do is simply click on the screen, all information like where it is located, the speed at which the driver is driving along with tons of live data will be displayed.

Past Events: – All the historical data is secure in the form of a movement graph, along with speed and time details. However, it varies in active and passive reporting.

In passive GPS tracking, whole information is stored when vehicles come back at their starting points, and the device is removed to transmit data from it to further save in computer or laptop.

However, an active tracking system provides real-time data directly to managers or owners; whosoever requires it anytime and anywhere.

Alerts: – The application facilitates notification services via email or mobile. As continuous monitoring is being performed by GPS of all fleets, it signals whenever things go wrong or out of control.

Every street has different speed limits, so whenever a driver becomes careless, alerts are being sent to him as well as the manager to restrict the limit. Idle time is also noticed, and when it goes above standard time, the driver is notified to get back to work. And if the driver tries to remove the tracker, then also he is warned against such activity.

Reviewal: – The GPS fleet management software in Kuwait assists an enterprise in maintaining daily, weekly and monthly reports. Reports consist of standard and comparison ones. Whenever a manager wants information regarding a particular vehicle, he can check the standard report to check the asset’s cost, distance travelled, depreciation of the fixed asset, servicing period, license renewal, etc.

Similarly, in preparation of salary or wages record, employees need to be appreciated by raising their pay scale. Those drivers who worked below the standards must be instructed to increase their level of productivity. Otherwise, thief wages will go down.

However, comparison reports are for the use of top management to compare the results of fleets or drivers with each other or with previous years. And with the help of software, it is very easy to generate reports for business purposes to be presented to management.

Moreover, the vehicle tracking system is being used worldwide, owing to its large share of advantages to the industry as well as security at reasonable prices without any scope of doubts on its capability. Therefore, after considering its services, the software can be deployed in the enterprise with the vision of growth.

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