Video Telematics

Video Telematics

We provide technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior to save lives and improve driver performance

OSKX5 is developed from the brand new platform N9M, which is an advanced and function-extensive Mobile Video Recorder specially designed for network high definition, analog audio & video input and excellent extension.

It uses high-speed processor and embedded operating system, patented file system 4.0 to ensure the safety and integration of important data, combining with H. 264 video compression / decompression technology, network technology and GPS locating technology.

Fleet operators have long understood the value of telematics solutions that let them know where vehicles are, how they’re performing, and, more recently, how drivers behave.

Adding video cameras is the next phase – and one with huge benefits. “It’s part of a natural progression both from a safety and liability standpoint,”


ADAS Lane Detection

Driver Monitoring System

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Driver Monitoring Systems

Video telematics systems can also be tied into other sensors on the vehicle, as well as into the controller area network itself. The telematics solution could also capture a short video clip. Then, “the manager and driver can take a look at what happened and why, for example, if the driver was not checking the mirror properly,”

“Do you want to rely on an accelerometer that may misinterpret an event, or when an active safety system is actually sending messages to the brakes? An ADAS system sending those messages when it has to intervene provides more accurate event notifications and fewer false positives that have to be reviewed,” he says.

Degree of automation: The simplest solutions let a fleet manager access video after an event such as an accident.

Improve safety, efficiency, and customer service while protecting your bottom line. Video evidence can provide you with indisputable truth, which could help you exonerate your drivers and maintain profits by saving money on insurance claims

Distracted Driving Detection

Our AI Cam’s internal computer vision detects distracted driving habits such as cellphone use, texting, smoking and more. A distraction is logged when the camera detects that a driver’s facial position/movement falls outside of set parameters.

Lane Detection

Alerting a sleepy or distracted driver in the moment can forestall many accidents and, over time, improve a driver’s safety behavior. Allowing drivers to access safety scores or review critical incidents can provide them with an objective assessment.

Drowsy Driving Detection

The camera detects the eyelid aperture of the driver and determines whether the eye report ratio is within the personal mean, at an interval of 2.5 seconds. If the ratio is lower, a recording of the event is captured and in-cab alerts warn the driver.

Seatbelt Detection

Special markers installed on the seatbelt allow computer vision to determine whether a driver is wearing their seatbelt or not. Optional

Face Mask

With 2020 brining the world to a Stop, its very important to have safety mask. The system detects this function and enable alerts.

Prequel and sequel capture: In automated systems that don’t simply store all video, some solutions automatically save a period of video, often thirty seconds, before and after a critical event.

Moving from harsh braking to insights- Video provides much more information to fleet operators than depending on a handful of events – fast cornering, hard braking and speeding – to judge driver safety.

Get the best collision-avoidance technology for your fleet business!

It is common for a fleet business to experience road accidents and collisions. As the owner of the business, it is obvious for you to know the details of the scenario as it can help with claims and finding if your driver was at fault or not.

Our video telematics system in Kuwait is the perfect solution for fleet businesses. Our software works on fleet tracking software features, collision-avoidance technology, lane deviation system, and fuel-saving technology.

How can our video telematics help your business?

  • When a road hazard happens, telematics offers important details such as the location and speed of the vehicle. It can also alert the driver and enable you to know why the accident happened.
  • The outside lens and inside lens capture the driver’s behaviour.
  • The video telematics answers questions such as did an object interfere with the driver’s vision or who was at fault. Video telematics can reveal all the details.
  • Video telematics can prove to be an effective tool for coaching and training the drivers to perfect their skills. Continuous coaching sharpens the driver’s awareness and transforms your drivers into skilled ones.
  • The video telematics can act as an eyewitness and a reliable one! If your driver is accused falsely, video can save the driver and protect your fleet business from paying the damages. It will also help in protecting the reputation of your company.
  • Video telematics can also help in figuring out operational blind spots. You can ensure whether your driver made a delivery and if they are meeting safety standards.
  • It can also help in highlighting the driver’s achievements.

If you are looking to make improvements in your business with real-time data and insight, our video telematics solutions in Kuwait are the best choice for you.