Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Temperature recorder is easy to use and provides proof of an uninterrupted cold chain from point of origin to destination for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, live animals, electronics and other temperature-controlled cargo.

With GAMP5 compliance, this device meets the highest of international regulations and guidelines. The printer uses thermal transfer technology for maximum reliability, without the maintenance hassle. Multiple Options available

Cold Chain significantly improves visibility of end-to-end refrigerated transport operations. Along with temperature recorders, ColdChain enables temperature monitoring and control, regulatory compliance, fuel management, position tracking, real-time alerts and more

Regulatory compliance
ColdChain meets some of the highest regulatory standards set by the food and pharmaceutical industry with certification to EN12830, HACCP, and GAMP5

Total Control
Update system configuration and firmware versions remotely

Advanced Reporting
View asset status summaries for a quick fleet overview. Run temperature graphs, see assets on a map.

Exception Management
Follow a convenient step-by-step wizard to create exceptions and receive alarms when set thresholds are reached or surpassed—temperature alarms, lock confirmations, reefer state, and more. Receive exception notifications during a specific timeframe and configure preferred alert delivery methods.

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The cold chain is a system that is used to store the products at the desired temperature as perishable items and medicines are prone to get damaged easily. So, to maintain the effectiveness of the same, it is important to have the right temperature from manufacturing till the end-use. Temperature consistency will ensure the quality of the products as they move from one place to another as per their respective supply chains.

Meaning of cold chain monitoring software

Cold chain monitoring software regulates the temperature-controlled supply chain, which helps in providing uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage, and distribution processes. It helps in providing consistent low and high temperature to the logistics to maintain its efficiency and quality. There are many developers of cold chain software in Kuwait and in other places with a variety of features. This monitoring software helps in eliminating unexpected delays, problems in clearing customs, and any kind of equipment malfunction. This will help to make sure that you make your product reach on time to the desired destination; if not, it may result in:

  • Expiration of the product
  • Loss of the product or money
  • Less effectiveness
  • Degradation of the formula
  • And other related things

Why do we need cold chain monitoring software?

  • Temperature data- This software will allow you to see the temperature on a real-time basis. This will help you to adjust the temperature according to the requirement. It will help the admin to take direct action wherever possible.
  • Real-time information and data- Temperature is not only the thing to be considered when moving the goods, especially if they are in glass bottles or tubes. While moving, some products may be sensitive to vibration due to bumpy roads or highways. To protect your products from this, it will provide you ambient light, prevent shocks, etc. The software will scan the location and provide you the information.
  • Connection- This software will make sure that the truck will be connected to the internet and will alert you as soon as the problem or hurdle arises. Any device may be your mobile is enough if connected to the internet, will provide you with any information which may affect the delivery process.
  • Analytics- The software will help in building reports and send them directly to the authorized party. The reports will include weather reports, traffic reports, news feeds, ERP data, etc. This will enlighten them with all the basic details in the form of a report.
  • User-friendly- This is user-friendly software and is not complex. It will provide real-based and accurate data on which everyone can rely upon.

Why choose GPSMEA for this software?

GPSMEA helps in providing the best cold chain monitoring software in Kuwait as it helps in improving end-to-end refrigerated transport operations. We, at GPSMEA, will provide features like temperature records, cold chain enabled temperature monitoring and control, regulatory compliance, fuel management, position tracking, real-time alerts, and more. Our software will provide you total control on all the operations, starting from manufacturing till usage.