An in-car video camera is called a dashcam. Most dash camera Kuwait captures audio and video simultaneously in real-time. These cameras are sometimes known as in-car cameras or digital video recorders (DVRs).

The cameras positioned on the dashboard of a car capture sights and noises, allowing for video recording of events that occur in the car or on the road. The majority of dashcams are mounted on the windshield as opposed to the dashboard. While most of the cameras face forward, dual-lens cameras—which face both the road and the driver—are becoming more and more prevalent.

Kuwait: Video Telematics 

 With their cutting-edge video telematics capabilities, dashcams have the potential to drastically alter the global transportation scene. The necessity of implementing video telematics solutions increases in developing countries such as Kuwait as the road network becomes more robust. After this is implemented, fleet owners should anticipate the following to significantly improve:

Avoiding Fleet Theft and Misuse 

 In Kuwait, there were an expected 88,000+ motor vehicle theft incidents in 2019–2020. Dashcams can be used to address this major worry for fleet managers. You may track anybody else who drives your car in addition to the company driver. You’ll be fully aware of how your fleet driver handled your car. GPS-equipped dashcams can also display the route you travelled and the speed at which the car was driven.

 In the vehicle logistics and fleet management sectors, dashboard camera recorders can enhance fleet maintenance and management. They can be used to efficiently monitor speed, route, and overall driving behavior in conjunction with vehicle tracking systems.

In the event of an accident, clear evidence 

 The 14,000 road deaths that occur in Kuwait each year—among the highest in the world—have been called a national problem. Along with the tragic death toll from accidents, there is also a significant financial cost.

Who will pay the financial expenses in the event of an accident is the topic at hand. A dashcam can serve as an eyewitness and give accurate evidence of the events in a car collision. You cannot establish your claims in a court of law unless you have a dashcam video. They are skilled in reconstructing traffic incidents and identifying their causes.

Fight against Fraud and Corruption 

 Some deceitful people could intentionally cause a crash and then blame the other party. To induce insurance companies to pay, they can try to extort money from the victim or makeup injuries. Dashcam footage could be the perfect resource for identifying and apprehending these con artists.

 Notifying Unreliable Drivers 

Video evidence from a dashcam can be used to report situations involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, dangerous drivers, and drivers experiencing road rage. What happened is unequivocally confirmed by the dashcam footage. The knowledge that they can be captured on camera will also help drivers drive more carefully and attentively!

Encouraging Driver Education & Traffic Safety 

Video from dash cam Kuwait can be used for driver education and as a teaching tool. The film serves as an excellent teaching and guidance tool in addition to demonstrating the dos and don’ts of safe driving.

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