Vehicle & Equipment Safety System

Trends like Autonomous vehicles, Green Hybrid and Electric Vehicles with a major part of power train now electronics, Advanced Safety and Driver assistance systems managing the drive, Connected Cars, V2V, V2I and global Telematics with cloud managing the internetwork etc., the automobile is no longer a lone island.

Autonomous & ADAS features: such as self-driving vehicles, adaptive cruise control, lane departure control, collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition and speed control, all impacting actuation systems in the vehicle puts tremendous pressure on auto manufacturers to guarantee the safety and integrity of their ECUs or face the grave consequences thereof.

Quad Monitor Rear Visions Camera Systems

IP68 Waterproof Quad Monitor Camera Systems

Automatic Flip Waterproof Camera Monitor System

Rear View Camera Monitor Systems

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Road accidents can be dangerous for your vehicle and the safety of your driver, and hence it is a major concern for most fleet business owners. However, technologically advanced transport systems can offer a great solution. Our vehicle safety system Kuwait supports drivers in maintaining a safe speed and distance. It also helps in driving within the lane, avoiding overtaking in a critical situation, and safely passing intersections in a complex driving environment.

Our vehicle safety system comes with

  • Rear view camera monitor systems
  • Automatic flip waterproof camera monitor system
  • IP68 waterproof quad monitor camera systems
  • Quad monitor rear visions camera systems

All these features will help in reducing casualties while driving. The human-machine interface helps the drivers in interacting with their vehicles and mobile tools.

How can our vehicle safety solutions help you?

Our system alerts the drivers to potential threats via driver-assist warning systems. This helps in reducing the chances of a crash. With the help of cameras and radars, each tool can detect dangerous anomalies such as drifting from the lane and alerts the drivers about the threat. Sensing and automation have several benefits. Today’s technology can help in avoiding a lot of crashes, which are common on roads.

However, studies show that these systems are not really adopted by many people, and they are not even a standard procedure with new vehicles. If these vehicle systems get installed in all vehicles, there can be a significant reduction in crashes.

These safety systems are not only meant for commercial vehicles such as fleet but also for personal vehicles. Transportation is crucial for everyday lives and riding a car can be one of the risky activities.

If you wish to safeguard your rides and protect yourself, our vehicle safety solutions Kuwait are perfect for you.

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