Fleet vehicle maintenance tracking with automation, alerts, and more

Automated maintenance reports & alerts for accumulated mileage for Oil Change or Accumulated engine hours report for maintenance. Report enabled immediate tracking of the asset to check whether it is on field. Predefined alerts help in notifying the driver to bring the vehicle for Maintenance.

Savings Safety

Up to 40% better MPG Fixing a serious maintenance problem can improve MPG by as much as 40%. You can’t afford not to implement a dependable maintenance workflow.

Repair Repair

Repair vehicles in a timely manner. Less downtime for vehicles will help you maximize profits. Hold your maintenance personnel accountable with a digital maintenance workflow and ensure deadlines are met

Notifications Notifications

Avoid wasting time on needless repairs. Maintenance alerts and notifications make sure vehicles are well maintained, preventing avoidable wear and tear that leads to the loss of workable man hours.

Plan and record service & maintenance

Automate your fleet service and maintenance activity based on odometer, calendar, or engine hours. Multiple schedules can be applied to a single asset. Be notified of upcoming service and maintenance with reporting and alerts. Track history and costs for a fleet-wide view of service and maintenance activity.

Key Features

  • Service & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Odometer
  • Engine Hours
  • Calendar
  • Record Maintenance History
  • Odometer Integration (optional)

Primary Benefits

  • Extend Vehicle/Equipment Lifespan
  • Reduce Risk and Liability
  • Service & Maintenance scheduling availability and features are dependent on GPS tracking hardware and service plan selected

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