GPS Tracking


Track the location of everything in your fleet, including vehicles, trailers, heavy machinery and stationed assets.


Monitor vehicle speed and receive real-time alerts when drivers exceed the street speed limit.

Driving Behavior

Improve your drivers’ driving habits by monitoring harsh acceleration/braking, excessive idling, and speeding.

On Board ECM

Our GPS tracking devices connect directly to the vehicle’s ECM, allowing you to pull accurate odometer mileage in real-time.

Monitor Everything and Everyone in your fleet at One Screen

Get the “big picture” of your fleet’s activity with a single glance.

GPSMEA dashboard shows you moment-to-moment location and activity data for every vehicle and asset in your fleet—at once.

It is organized to be rich in detail, yet helpful and not overwhelming.

When you want to know more about a particular asset, simply click on it and you’ll jump right to where it is now, see who is in it, see how fast it’s driving, and a ton of other live activity data.


Historical Activity


Your vehicles’ history is never lost.

Every moment of activity is captured and made available to you with a rich breadcrumb trail, a movement graph, and a “route playback” feature that even works in Google earth with KML export.

This will give you unprecedented access to the innermost workings of your drivers and fleet vehicles.


All the standard reports you need (trip and Idle, time on site, eco-driving scorecard, etc.

It’s easy to get the right information to the right person at the right time. You can create scheduled reports for each business role and have them sent via email.

It’s easy to get the right information to the right person at the right time. You can create scheduled reports for each business role and have them sent via email.




Your management team wants a simple visual way to know how the main performance indicators for the fleet are evolving.

The dashboard not only aggregates important information in an easy to read format, it also reveals real time and historical data obtained through sophisticated data mining methods.

Benefit your business with our robust GPA tracking software

With the advancement in technology, you can now track every movement of your fleet. Fleet management should be done effectively, especially in the distribution and transportation companies. Our GPS tracking software in Kuwait can help you in safeguarding your assets.

How can our software help?

With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can streamline the fleet management process. Not just that, the software can also help in finding out the cost-saving and other excellent opportunities. The GPS is a common feature in the world of technology. We see GPS in smartphones, satellite navigation systems, and much more.

The GPS tracking works with a combination of satellites, mapping, and cellular communication. GPS device offers an exact location of whatever needs to be tracked. Our GPS fleet tracking is a way of locating your vehicle fleet. Our software can also incorporate monitoring and managing of business vehicle fleets for optimizing and enhancing business operations.

About the software

Modern day fleet tracking software works with web or cloud-based platforms along with the GPS tracking devices fitted to vehicles. The software has the following ability:

  • Locate and track a fleet of vehicles in real-time, not just locally but globally as well.
  • To perform extensive routing and mapping of vehicles.
  • To drive analytics data for identifying idling, speeding, and unauthorized use of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle management tools for maintenance and repair scheduling.
  • Ability to log and create accident reports.
  • Detailed notification alerts for employees and customers.

The GPS tracking software might vary depending on the provider. You can verify the features before buying the software. We assure you that with our GPS fleet solutions in Kuwait; you can monitor your fleet and improve your business by enhanced efficiency and making informed decisions.

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