Fleet Activity Alerts

Fleet activity monitoring with real-time alerts by phone or email.

Manage by exception with real-time alerts that are triggered by important events and sent to you via email or text-message.

Speed By Street

Alerts when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit

Vehicle Idling

Alerts when a vehicle idles for more than a specified amount of time.

High Speeding

Alerts when a vehicle exceeds an imposed maximum speed

HOS Violations

Alerts if a driver is not compliant with duty status

Tracker Unplugged

Alerts if a GPS tracker is unplugged from the vehicle.

DVIR Issues

Alerts when a driver notes a problem with a vehicle

Activity After Hours

Alerts if a vehicle is active when it should not be active.

Low Battery

Alerts when a vehicle’s battery dips below a minimum number of volts

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Alerts whenever a vehicle’s “check engine” light turns on.

Location Arrival & Departure

Notifications when a vehicle arrives at or departs from a location.

Registration Expiration

Reminders to re-register your vehicles before the deadline.

Harsh Acceleration & Braking

Alerts when a vehicle accelerates or brakes too harshly..


Geofence – Boundary

Entry or Exit Alerts Time spent on PoI. Now you can get information on how much time was spend on a particular POI or GeoFence/Boundary created.

Get notified when a particular asset leaves or enters an area of caution.


Speed Alerts

Customized Speed Alerts as per the local street speed.

Alerts can be set as popups, emails or critical alerts as SMS.


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