A Company focused on designing and building custom solutions for companies in Middle East providing Fleet Telematics Solutions.

A fast growing company in Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Control serving the MEA Region.

GPSMEA is an One Source Company for Security Systems offspring which is a regional leader and innovator in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), providing solutions that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency. The company offers a broad set of asset monitoring and control solutions, including seamless satellite and cellular connectivity, unique hardware and powerful applications, all backed by end-to-end customer support, from installation to deployment to customer care.

We have extensive experience and broad knowledge in issues relating to both technology acquisition and transmission of data from vehicles, as well as their interpretation and target analysis.

GPSMEA.com is the result of over 10 years of experience in the field of applied telematics, the development of custom software for industrial processes and telecommunications. We are a specialist company in taking advantage of GPS technology, radio frequency, and GSM / GSM communications by translating them into local mapping and web environments as possible to offer our customers innovative solutions in the areas of vehicle tracking, attendance and location of personnel or any mobile asset.

GPSMEA makes GPS Tracking Accessible to Every Business

Whether you have a fleet of two or two thousand vehicles, employees and your company vehicles are some of your business' biggest expenses, so it’s important to know where they are and how they're used.

With our GPS tracking solutions, you can follow along in real time, turn by turn to see where your vehicles are, if they are stopped, moving or idle, and how long they have been in a particular location. You can also view past travel history.

GPSMEA provides a reliable and affordable GPS fleet tracking solution to meet your needs. With our easy-to-use plug in or hardwired trackers, you can effectively monitor your fleet and drivers, manage inappropriate driving behavior, and reduce labor, insurance and vehicle repair costs – all for a low monthly cost.

Our real time tracking is 100% web-based, meaning you can access the data from a desktop or mobile device without needing to download any software.

By automating your fleet management with GPSMEA, you can save time, increase your employees’ productivity, enhance driver safety and provide better service to your customers.


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Why use GPS Fleet Tracking?

With GPS fleet tracking, you no longer need to call drivers to find out where they are or worry if they are where they are supposed to be. You can easily provide evidence to a customer that a driver was actually there. Our web-based GPS tracking software allows you to easily follow your vehicles turn by turn, gauge how long they have stopped at a particular location, and view past travel history.

In addition, our GPS tracking technology enables you to monitor unsafe or inappropriate driving behavior, helping you to ensure your employees are safe and accidents are minimized. You can also set up email or text alerts to notify you if employees leave early, make unauthorized stops, take extended breaks or drive after work hours.

We're Changing the Industry

GPSMEA was founded on the need to provide an affordable, high-quality solution to GPS fleet tracking services and is licensed from CITRA.

We are truly changing the industry by offering high quality GPS tracking with fantastic customer support, helping you thrive is our top priority. Most GPS and software companies view customer support as a waste of resources. They look for ways to automate it, outsource it, or charge extra for it. We think that’s very shortsighted.

We believe that to earn your business and keep it, we have to provide a market-leading product. We source our products directly from the top manufacturer of GPS tracking devices from USA, China, Taiwan and Europe.

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